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What is WHRW?


Harpur Radio Workshop, hereafter known as WHRW, is a free-format, educational, and community radio station located on the campus of Binghamton University. WHRW provides non-commercial broadcasting resources for students, staff, faculty, and members of the Southern Tier. The station has been active since 1966. We’re the only free-format radio station in the Southern Tier, and as such we do our best to keep it lit 24/7, so that whenever the need arises for quality radio programming of any kind, we, the disciples of Moe, are there to fill that void.



WHRW holds a non-commercial, educational license. This means we have an obligation to act for the benefit of the community, without profiting from our service to them. It also means we are free of the shackles of playing what makes us money.


WHRW is required by federal law to follow FCC regulations. However, we strive to maintain an atmosphere free from other restrictions on what you can play, say, or do on the radio.


With our unique programming and approach, WHRW strives to stimulate, educate, and entertain our audience, while also reflecting the diversity of the local and world community. We provide a channel for individuals, artists, groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed, or underrepresented by other media. Students, staff, faculty, and community members are welcome to volunteer and apprentice to become DJs.


WHRW was built on a foundation of strong dedication to its listeners, as well as to its DJs; we’re totally off kilter–in a good way. WHRW will always be a free format radio station with the phone lines always open to requests and criticism – both good and bad – and a station membership prepared to improve programming every year. Even if it is our trusty automated programming which is always being updated, WHRW will always strive to be new, innovative, and just a fun source for talk, music, and real people trying to entertain themselves and the world.


This is our mission, and with Moe on our side WHRW will always keep it lit.

For more information about joining WHRW, interested folks can always email the General Manager at



What is Free–Format Radio?


Free-format radio allows DJs to control the content of their show, without a higher authority needed to approve content or requiring certain material to be played at certain times (besides FCC required material). DJs at WHRW have the freedom commercial DJs dreamed about when they first fantasized about becoming a DJ. Free-format means what you play is entirely up to you… We are one of the few remaining free-format stations left in the world. Our music library is one of the largest on the east coast; we are surrounded by the history and future of music, and you are only limited by listening time.



Interested in becoming a WHRW DJ? Click here for more info!