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Know Your DJ: John Swoletrane

Written by on March 1, 2020

Happy March radioheads! Need I say it, but Know Your DJ is back, and this week we’ll be highlighting WHRW’s very own David Grinberg aka DJ John Swoletrane! John Swoletrane is currently a sophomore here at Binghamton studying Economics with a minor in Russian. David’s hometown is, well, he couldn’t even give a straight answer, but he’d say either London, England or Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. He’s been a DJ with us for 3 semesters now, and has managed to hold positions on E-board as Jazz director and now Music Director, where he’s in charge of charting new music for us and planning our beloved Moefest!

Other than WHRW, David is also involved in Pipe Dream as a photographer, so if you see a random kid in the corner of your club meeting taking photos and wearing a death grips shirt, it’s probably him. His favorite TV show is Community, favorite movie os Fantastic Mr. Fox and favorite book is The Myth of Sisyphus. Before we end this wonderful Know Your DJ, David aka John Swoletrane also just wanted the greater following of WHRW to know that he can in fact, juggle.
David typically plays a mix of Jazz, soul, R&B, hip Hop, Funk, Pop, Rock, Indie and Math rock. If you’re interested, you can tune into his show “ Borscht Code”, on Sunday’s from 2:30-4pm!!
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